USA, Caribbean, Latin America

Michael Capponi 
Director of Global Operations

Emily Fullmer
Acting COO/VP of Operations US

Patrick Lynch
Chief Development Officer
[email protected]

Donor Relations

Tracy Kamen
Director of Institutional Giving
[email protected]

Mila Gonzalez
Director of Donor Relations
[email protected]

Sue Cushman
International Supply Chain Director

Beti Vere
Director of Global Partnerships

Shira Kastan-Goldstein
Director of Government Affairs

Vivien Dude
Director of Volunteers
[email protected]

Antonio Misuraca
Strategic Partnerships

Liana Aguilar
Government and Partnerships Liaison


René Dago Sr.
Chief Financial Officer
[email protected]

Rene Dago III
Director of Finance
[email protected]

Santiago Neira
Finance Coordinator


Kimberley Bentley
Director of Field Missions, USA and Caribbean

Luis Velasquez
Chief Operations Office, Latin America

Charles A. Forbin
Director of Ground Operations, Haiti

Danoushka Capponi
Director of Haiti Programs

Elizabeth Jernberg
Director of Operations, USA West

Yougains Fils
Program Manager, Haiti

U.S. Warehouse Operations

Kathy Calderon
Global Logistics Manager

Jason Jernberg
Warehouse Manager, USA West

Andrew Gonzalez
Warehouse Associate, HQ

Public Relations

Bianca Bucaram
Public Relations
[email protected]

Spencer Taylor
Director of Video and Imaging


Michael Capponi 
Director of Global Operations

Majel Wilson
Chief Operations Officer, Europe

Andriy Negrych
Director of Operations, Ukraine


Wiktor Nguyen Van
Chief Financial Officer, Europe
[email protected]

Misha Kinash
Chief Financial Officer, Ukraine

Field Operations

Wika Maciejewicz
Director of Field Missions, Europe

Filip Skrzypczak
Field Missions, Europe

Warehouse Operations

Jaroslaw Wisniewski
Warehouse Manager, Europe

Roman Andriychuk
Director of Road Transport, Europe

Grezgorz Swiatek
Warehouse Inventory Manager, Europe

Vira Negrych
Warehouse Inventory Manager, Ukraine

Tonia Kinash
Inventory Coordinator, Ukraine

Michal Skrzypczak
Volunteer Coordinator, Europe

Borys Juszczakiewicz
Freight and Customs, Europe

International and Public Relations

Kaj Larsen
USA & Ukraine Affairs Lead

Katazyna Merrett
Public Relations
[email protected]