To more quickly and efficiently respond to disasters around the world, we have greatly expanded our logistical operations. We have now prepositioned emergency aid supplies in strategic bases around the globe. GEM’s Global Headquarters currently oversees five branches. This model alleviates the heavy costs that many organizations with too many chapters have incurred.

GEM is poised to respond to any disaster in any location within hours. Headquartered in Miami, Florida, our organization has six permanent warehouses in Florida, California, Guatemala, Poland, Türkiye, and Ukraine. These hubs are stocked with non-perishable food items, toiletries, hygiene products, and other life-saving goods, such as generators or medical supplies, and ready to be packed and shipped to the neediest populations.

Disaster relief is a complex operation, and we have created a replicable model standardized worldwide.

The moment supplies arrive from our donors and strategic corporate partners, they are sorted through our state-of-the-art global Warehouse Management System. This software allows us full oversight of inventory and tracking, allowing us to categorize, pack, and ship each piece quickly and securely.

Our work doesn’t end there. GEM not only provides immediate relief but also tends to the often overlooked gap period and long-term recovery, rebuilding, and redevelopment of a crisis-hit cities and communities. We team with local businesses, skilled workers, and volunteers who know their home community best and share the language, customs, and experience. These stakeholders assist with material sourcing, refugee management, construction, housing, and education initiatives. Before government and insurance aid kicks in, GEM helps bridge the gap and reduce the wait time for survivors to get back into their homes and functioning communities.

Our goal is to provide hope, empower locally, and think long term with sustainable development. We turn our missions over to local management, thereby reducing overhead and expenses and allowing GEM to tackle the next climate or humanitarian crisis. Our belief is that donor money and goods should go directly to those most affected and most in need in the shortest amount of time possible.

Global Headquarters

GEM's Official Registered Branches

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This branch supports western states in the US as well as pacific maritime exports.

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This branch supports all European countries.

This branch supports 7 provinces in Türkiye and other MENA countries.

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This branch supports all 24 oblasts in Ukraine.

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This branch supports Central and South American countries.

GEM'S Disaster Recovery Hubs

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This Hub supports victims on Floridas’s west coast from the impacts of Hurricane Ian.