Conflict Zones

Our assistance within conflict zones comes with unique challenges and risks that are heavily monitored during all phases of our response. As always, our mission is to provide essential aid and support to as many people as possible, in the quickest and safest way. GEM’s response in conflict zones has come in the form of life-saving humanitarian aid, evacuation and relocation efforts, rebuilding projects, global refugee assistance, and much more. It is within these efforts that we will work alongside military experts, international agencies, and governments to ensure the safety of all aid recipients, as well as GEM team members on the ground. The response within our Conflict Zone pillar is completely dedicated to alleviating the struggles of civilians caught within the violence and threat of heavy dispute.


Over 100,000 refugees have fled from the recent conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh, travelling for days in cold temperatures with just the bare minimum they were able to take with them. GEM has deployed to Armenia to distribute humanitarian aid to these individuals, during this crisis.
GEM is currently dispatched to respond to the ongoing and critical crisis in Sudan. This specialized team, led by a former Green Beret, will be distributing aid at refugee camps in 3 different regions within Sudan
In 2019, the Venezuelan migration and refugee crisis, the largest refugee crisis in the Americas, is the emigration of 4.6million Venezuelans who fled the country because of the Bolivarian Revolution.
In February 1998, the Kosovo War was an armed conflict in Kosovo and precipitated a mass expulsion of Kosovar Albanians as the Yugoslav forces fought during the aerial bombardment of Yugoslavia.

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