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Soon over 1 Million Palestinians that fled to southern Gaza’s, Rafah city to find refuge, will need to move back to central Gaza.

In anticipation of this, we have opened our first main warehouse/hub in Khans Yunis.
Large convoys from @globalempowermentmissionmena in Cairo will be delivering aid on a weekly basis to this GEM Anera hub.

From here, our @globalempowermentmissionmena @aneraorg teams deliver critical life saving aid throughout the region. This includes, south, central and northern Gaza. GEM is increasing staff, capacity and output by 100%. This is uncharted territory but we cannot let fear stop us from doing what we do. With only your help, we can increase the flow of basic living essentials to Palestinian civilians. Learn more about our various campaigns through our bio-link @globalempowermentmission

Today marks 6 months since Israel suffered its vicious attacks by Hamas on October 7, 2023.

We are one of two orgs supporting civilians affected by both sides of this conflict.

Here’s our GEM - SmartAID Response

- 80,300 Evacuees supported.

- 525,000 Hot meals provided.

- 6 Safe Spaces established in Merhavim Municipality serving hundreds of children.

- 3 Safe Spaces already renovated, serving farmers in Kibbutz Nir Oz, Kibbutz Be’eri and Kibbutz Cfar Aza with a plan to help 5 more Kibbutzim who were directly affected.

- 6 Cargo planes with 250 TONS of Food & Non Food essentials were distributed in 6 affected cities and 49 Kibbutzim.

- 245 volunteers provided 15,680 volunteer hours.

- 3 logistical warehouses operated at full capacity for months in a partnership the Kibbutz Movement and the National Municipality System.

- Trauma Center offering counselling to hundreds of traumatised civilians from 15 Kibbutzim who were directly impacted.

- 111 pallets valued at $1,681,810.42 sent from GEM HQ.

- Processed $1,986,462.70 for short-term incidental cash for Israelis living in shelters through our Israeli Evacuee fund.

-GEM also hosted Israeli-American families entering the United States through the US Government’s evacuation planes in Tampa.

GEM & SmartAID have provided support to people from all walks of life who were impacted in Israel. Among them Jews, Christians, Muslims, Ethiopians, Ukrainians and many more.

We at GEM wholeheartedly condemn the horrific attacks that took place & stand against all forms of terrorism. We pray for all hostages to be released immediately.

@globalempowermentmission @smartaidint @stableroadfoundation


Our @globalempowermentmissionmena & @globalempowermentmissionua mission leads have extensive experience in these matters. One of our team members in Gaza was a Gunnery Sergeant in the US Marine Corps, working as a Logistics and Operations planner. He also worked as an Operations Officer in the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense. We have been doing similar humanitarian runs on the same road that this happened on.

The labeling of a targeted attack can have a multitude of meanings. Outlined below is a potential explantion on Al technology. This MUST be immediately analyzed so this can NEVER happen again.

Al systems performs target identification, but the process of target neutralization still requires human review and release of the payload. We believe the lAF drone teams had preemptive approval to neutralize possible threats, rather than having to request target review and final approval post identification.

That belief leaves an opening for two things to be correct at the same time: While the convoy was indeed intentionally targeted, the lAF may not have known it contained WCK workers, because the process did not include a standard target review after being identified, to include looking at deconfliction data for that area.

This possiblity allows civilian entities to be right in saying the attack was intentional, while also allowing AF to say that they didn’t intend to kill aid workers.
The failure is, IMO, that the target was not seriously considered after target identification, regardless of the identification method being Al or human. Israeli military units, like the drone teams, should revisit their rules of engagement and change operations from preemptive authorizations, to adopting a ‘responsive’ system for target neutralization that requires review of deconfliction data.

We chose to write this because we feel it’s important that aid groups are not discouraged from supporting Palestinian civilians in Gaza. Palestinians need us more than ever now and we cannot turn our backs on them.

We are all they have at this point. Without food, water and medical support, over 2 M people’s chances of survival would be extremely low. @bbcnews

@chrisccuomo interview with #GEM Founder and President @michaelcapponi regarding the current assessment on the aid situation, on the ground inside. @newsnationnow #gemmissions #chriscuomo ...

@nbcsandiego story on what the @globalempowermentmission USA West branch is doing for 2024 flood survivors in this region. @good360usa #bstrong #voad #sandiego #california ...

Here’s a glimpse into our continuous work in Israel with our partners @smartaidint.

Since the October 7, th attacks, our teams have been supporting Israelis, Bedouin’s and Ethiopians with much needed supplies.

GEM is one of very few organizations that are serving Israeli civilians as well as Palestinian civilians. Our aim is alleviate human suffering in all the world’s diversified people.

Please visit our bio-link to see what we’re doing for both important causes.

@bbcnews story on @globalempowermentmissionmena’s Nura Bashir. This is her story and what we’re doing for Palestinian civilians in tent cities. ...

14 years ago today, Haiti was ravaged by a massive earthquake that devastated much of the country. The mission to provide aid and disaster relief became the beginning of what GEM has become today. We are so proud of all the students that have been a part of GEM’s programs in Haiti. On this day of remembrance, we wanted to share a letter from our Haiti students:

“Words won’t be enough to express how blessed we feel to have you. We, young Haitian people, having GEM in our lives, show us what we could become, and are still fighting today to make our dreams come true with your and God’s help. You never feel exhausted with us. You still share love, hard work, teaching us to become independent, have good health by teaching us to share with others in need, to be creative, to become the perfect version of ourselves. The person I am today is different from that person I was 14 years ago. All is because of you. We don’t know how the future will be, but we will make sure to make you proud. We will be the captains of our own destiny. It’s been 14 years today since you’ve been restoring hope and creating opportunities for us. GEM Haiti’s 🇭🇹 impact is directly beneficial to thousands of people here in Haiti since you began your missions here. Many students have graduated from high schools, professional/technical schools, and many are still in school so that their lives can be shaped for a better future. We thank GEM for who we are today because of your great work. Thank you so much, GEM. God bless you, and all who have contributed over the last 14 years to the person we are now, and will be in the future. Love you.” #gemhaiti #empowerment #education #humanitarian #haiti #humanity #futureleaders

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