GEM 2023  Mission

Türkiye–Syria Earthquake

GEM U.S. Press for Kahramanmaras Earthquake
How Your Business Can Support Earthquake Victims in Turkey and Syria
NBC Miami
‘We Urgently Need Help': Doral Nonprofit Distributes Millions in Aid for Earthquake-Stricken Turkey
Local 10 News
How to help victims of Turkey-Syria earthquake
Turkiye, Syria rescue hopes fading amid anger over disaster response
PR Newswire
US-based NGO mobilizes $10M worth of relief items for quake victims in Türkiye
NBC Miami
‘Absolutely Clinging Onto Hope': Nonprofit Sends Aid to Quake-Devastated Turkey, Syria
Yeni Safak
US-based NGO mobilizes $10M worth of relief items for quake victims in Türkiye
Turkish Journal
Turkish President Announces State Of Emergency In 10 Provinces, Outlines Rescue Efforts

GEM International Press for Kahramanmaras Earthquake

TRT World
Strait Talk Visits the Port of Mersin, a Diplomatic and Quake Relief Hub
TRT World
Interview with Global Empowerment Mission founder on Turkiye quakes
Wesprzyjmy Turcję! Zbiórka darów w Bielawie
Check News
Victoria’s Majel Wilson bolsters aid efforts in Turkey after deadly quakes
Polsat News
Trzęsienie ziemi w Turcji i Syrii. Ponad 28 tys. ofiar. "Będą szukać dopóki jest nadzieja"
RMF 24
15 milionów bezdomnych w Turcji. "Śpią pod namiotami albo pod gołym niebem"
Volunteers provided humanitarian aid to the village in Kharkiv region under daily shelling
Los Angels 'da yaşan Türkler'den dev yardım kampanyası
TRT World
Ellen DeGeneres arranca campaña de donación para las víctimas del terremoto en Türkiye
RMF 24
Jak wygląda akcja ratunkowa w Turcji? "Trzeba być gotowym na wszystko"

Live Updates

Our team distributing water to Palestinian civilians fleeing Rafah City in Gaza. We will not leave them during this difficult and with your help, we will be delivering large amounts of vital aid to the areas they are coming to. on the locations that they are heading to in central Gaza.


#gaza #water #aid #humanity

@aljazeeraenglish story on current situation in northern Gaza and what GEM MENA is doing there. ...

This video gives you a glimpse of GEM MENA mission trip to the far North Gaza. You can see the safe transport of our aid from South to the North and thorough preparations of the distributions.

#gaza #palestinian #gemmissions #humanity

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Logistical Operations

Warsaw Poland

30,000 sq ft warehouse / 2500 Pallet Slots 

Mersin Türkiye

28,000 sq ft warehouse / 2200 Pallet Slots

Summary Stats

Supplies in transit
$ 0
$ 0
Regions Covered
Family Necessity Kits Distributed
Trucks distributed
Individuals reached with Boxes

GEM BStrong has provided significant relief aid to the following 226 cities and towns

Phase 1: Disaster Relief

On February 6th, two major earthquakes hit Turkey and Syria in the early morning, with aftershocks still happening longer than a week later. Tens of thousands have lost their lives, with countless more injured. As of June 2023, over 8 millions homes and buildings are confirmed to have been affected, leaving hundreds of thousands displaced. The Kahramanmaras earthquake is now considered the most deadly natural disaster in at least the last decade. Because of GEM’s propositioning for any global disaster, our team was able to deploy immediately and be on the ground the same day.

GEM BStrong had an initial commitment of $10,000,000 in critical aid, which quickly increased to $20,000,000 once we were able to see the immeasurable scale of the disaster. Immediately we were able to deploy cargo airplanes through a partnership with the Turkish Embassy in Washington, D.C. and the Consulate General in Miami through Turkish Airlines. This aid will come in the form of food, hygiene products, bedding and tents, rescue apparel, and more. As the needs grow and progress, as will our response.

Our headquarters in Miami, FL, USA West branch in Chico, CA, and European branch in Warsaw, Poland are all collecting supplies right now to send to Turkey and Syria. All collected goods will be transported to our warehouse in Mersin, Turkey and distributed into the most affected regions throughout the earthquake zones.

Since February, we have distributed tens of thousands of our Family Necessity Kits to affected families in both Turkey and Syria. We have also been able to distribute major quantities of hygiene products, new clothing, new shoes, bedding and home goods. We have reached hundreds of thousands of individuals in 7 provinces, reaching almost 200 cities. Just as we do in our other branches, we have established long-standing infrastructure to be able to sustain both Turkey and Syria for the long term.

Recent Missions

On January 1st, a major 7.6 earthquake struck the Noto Peninsula in Japan. This earthquake was the deadliest in Japan since 2016, taking the lives of hundreds and injuring many more

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