Ukraine Crisis

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«Країна, яка має душу», – мільйонер з США про Україну (відео)

Our first 100 days on the ground were focused on establishing viable logistical operations, the extraction of people in warn torn areas, the relocation of refugees and the delivery of critical aid supplies throughout the region.

Logistical Operations

Warsaw Poland

30,000 sq ft warehouse / 2500 Pallet Slots 

Rzeszów Poland

18,000 sq ft warehouse. / 750 Pallet Slots

Kyiv Ukraine

40,000 sq ft warehouse / 1500 Pallet Slots

Lviv Ukraine

37,500 sq ft warehouse / 650 Pallet Slots

Summary Stats

What we've accomplished to date

Total Relocations
Trucks of aid delivered inside Ukraine and neighboring countries
$ 0
In aid committed for 2022
$ 0
Supplies delivered
Trucks delivered inside Ukraine
Individuals placed in temporary housing
Containers shipped from the US
Ukrainian cities serviced
Emergency war zone extractions
Schools Under Repair
Clinics Under Repair
Homes Under Repair
Apartment Buildings Under Repair

GEM BStrong has provided significant relief aid to the following 108 Towns & Cities

(map does not include relocations)

Phase 1: Disaster Relief

We established solutions, partnerships and strategies to recognize and assist all those affected, not only in Ukraine, but those displaced in Poland, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Moldova, Georgia, and beyond.

Border Refugee Support

On February 25, 2022, the second day of the invasion, GEM BStrong arrived in Medyka, Poland, along the Ukrainian-Polish border offering aid and support to refugees fleeing Ukraine.


In March 2022, GEM Bstrong established partnerships with the former first lady of Poland, Jolanta Kwaśniewska, Why Not Travel, and Airbnb. This program relocated 38,744 Ukrainian refugees to over 40 countries and placed 13,624 people in temporary housing. Today our relocation program is ongoing and focused mainly on European travel or Ukrainians returning back home.

Aid Distributions throughout the region

In March 2012, GEM activated its partnership with military professional NGOs such as Arial Recovery Group and many others. During this period, getting aid inside Ukraine required highly advanced tactics and methods.

Since then, GEM has established partnerships with over 150 vetted Ukrainian and European NGOs. To date, we have sent over 532 trucks into the region spanning into 108 towns and cities. GEM and its partners have been distributing vital supplies to muliple towns on a dialy basis for the last 5 months.

Phase 2: The Gap Period​​

Due to the unique circumstances in Ukraine, it’s critical that aid continues to flow to the millions of in country displaced persons who are currently moving around from city to city to avoid bombings. This is called the gap period.

Government Partnership

In May 2022, GEM and UA partner Life Quality established memorandums of understanding with many regional governors and mayors throughout Ukraine. GEM supplies these regional government hubs with aid and winterization supplies on a weekly basis. Government partnerships in place with Bucha, Chernihiv, Kharkiv, Poltava, Vinnytsia, Odessa and Kviv regions.

Phase 3: Vital Repairs

GEM, in partnership with Life Quality, has activated its phase 3 rebuild programs in response to an overwhelming desire for Ukrainians to return back home to a sense of normalcy with hope. This includes supplying communities with sustenance supplies until they’re back up and running. During this phase, we have committed and already started our rebuilding and light repairs on over 50 structures such as apartment buildings, private homes, schools, clinics and hospitals.


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