Chernihiv Community Rebuilds

GEM in partnership with Life Quality UA has fully activated its phase 2-3 programs. This program is aimed to bring hope back to many Chernihiv communities by starting light repairs on homes, apartment buildings, schools and hospitals. Chernihiv was one of the first areas to be attacked and occupied, and had sustained serious damage. Construction projects are now able to begin, with the area being deemed ready for improvements.

Each project is measured by a cost per human impact analysis. It also reverses a massive global refugee crisis, by enabling refugees to come back home. By returning home, they’re positively impacting their neighborhoods and local economy.


school №19

This project is to restore the School №19 in Chernihiv. 2000 children currently study at this school. During the beginning of the crisis, a rocket hit near the school building. The main repair work being done for this school will be replacing all broken windows.

Estimated Repair Costs
$ 0
Cost per person to return home
$ 0

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