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A brutal Civil War is taking place right now in Sudan 🇸🇩. This has caused a large scale humanitarian crisis. Over 1.4 million people have already been displaced. @globalempowermentmissionafrica is actively on the ground supporting the Sudanese refugees with food, hygiene, & basic supplies as they flee the country. The need for support is substantial. These refugees were kicked out of their homes & robbed by militants. They have nothing. They sleep outside for days awaiting entry into Ethiopia. At this border crossing, over 1,000 refugees cross per day. There are hundreds of camps just like this along the borders. To support this vital mission click the link in our bio! #Sudan #Ethiopia #GemMissions #bstrong @globalempowermentmission 🎥 @spencervybes
GEM Africa’s Ethiopian volunteers dropping substantial supplies to border shelters for Sudanese refugees.
GEM Africa teams offloading vital aid for Sudanese refugees on the Ethiopian border.

GEM Africa Missions

GEM is currently dispatched to respond to the ongoing and critical crisis in Sudan. This specialized team, led by a former Green Beret, will be distributing aid at refugee camps in 3 different regions within Sudan
Cyclone Freddy lasted 5 weeks, making it the longest-lasting tropical cyclone ever recorded. When it finally made landfall, Malawi, Africa was hit with catastrophic flooding that severely impacted the locals.
On March 4, tropical cyclones affected Africa causing catastrophic damage and a humanitarian crisis in Mozambique, Zimbabwe, and Malawi, with 1,300 deaths/missing people, and $2.2billion in damages.

GEM Official Registered Branches

US Registered Branches

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This branch supports western states  as well as pacific maritime exports.

This Branch supports 5 counties in Hawaii.

European Registered Branches

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This branch supports 27 EU countries.

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This branch supports 24 oblasts in Ukraine.

Middle East North-Africa Branches

This branch supports Middle East and North African countries.

This branch supports 7 provinces in Türkiye and other MENA countries.

Latin America and Caribbean

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This branch supports 21 Central and South American countries

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This branch supports all 10 provinces in Haiti and supports communities year round in Jacmel.

Recovery Hubs & Community Centers

This Hub supports victims impacted by Hurricane Ian.

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Highlights of our GEM Africa operations

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