2019 Mission

Hurricane Dorian

GEM Mission Specific Press
American Songwriter
JT Hodges Sings “Sandman” for The Bahamas on the One-Year Anniversary of Hurricane Dorian
The Bahamas Disaster Reconstruction Authority
Coordination key to effective disaster recovery response
Bahamas Local
Government and NGO to repair 250 homes in north Abaco
NBC News
Months after Hurricane Dorian, Abaco Islands still completely devastated
Bahamas Relief Foundation & GEM aim to raise $10 million for Hurricane Dorian relief
GEM and BStrong come together to support the reconstruction of Grand Bahama and Abaco after the passage of Dorian
NBC 6 South Florida
South Florida Group Donating Half a Million Pounds of Relief to Bahamas Each Week
NBC 6 South Florida
Local Organization Helping Rebuild the Bahamas
Global Empowerment Mission’s Hurricane Dorian Initiatives
PR Newswire
Sea Shepherd Sends Ship to the Bahamas
Local ABC News Channel 10
GEM Hurricane Dorian | ABC Local 10 News: This Week in South Florida
Local 10
This Week in South Florida podcast - September 15, 2019
7 News Miami
Luxury car dealership hosts donation drive at Shops at Pembroke Gardens
Local 10 News
Local effort aims to help Bahamians in need after Dorian
Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association
Reconnaissance a key relief mission for GA pilots
CBS Miami
South Florida Hurricane Aid, Volunteers Being Sent To Hurricane Ravaged Bahamas
Local 10 News
Boat that was once Coast Guard cutter heads to Bahamas packed with supplies
Miami New Times
Miami Restaurants and Bars Help the Bahamas Post-Dorian Through Fundraisers, Supply Drives
American citizens rescued during church mission trip to Bahamas land at FLL
Orlando Weekly
'Johnny’s House' and XL 106.7 collect donations for the Bahamas in Baldwin Park on Friday morning
Here’s What Companies Are Doing To Help In The Wake Of Hurricane Dorian
News Talk Florida
Bahamas Cries for Help: Humanitarian Crisis on an Unimaginable Scale
Here’s What Companies Are Doing To Help In The Wake Of Hurricane Dorian
Miami Herald
We dodged Dorian. Now South Florida is set to funnel major aid to storm-ravaged Bahamians.
The Real Deal
Brokerages collect donations for areas impacted by Hurricane Dorian, national retail store closures could set a new record in 2019
USA Today
Private charter airline, experienced in hurricane relief, targets Dorian-devastated Bahamas
NBC 6 South Florida
How to Help the Bahamas After 'Catastrophic' Hurricane Dorian
Daily Mail
Bethenny Frankel co-ordinates Hurricane Dorian relief effort from B Strong warehouse in Miami... after documenting her mission to Florida
#BahamaStrong: Here's How To Help In The Aftermath Of Hurricane Dorian
News Americas
Caribbean travel photo of the day – The Bahamas
7 News Miami
South Florida community collects donations for Dorian-ravaged Bahamas

Summary Stats

Planes with Emergency Aid
Barges of Supplies
Homes Repaired
Schools Rebuilt

Phase 1:

Disaster Relief

Global Empowerment Mission responded in the first phase, disaster relief, by providing an immediate response to the devastating Category 5 Hurricane that struck the Bahamas. To date, this storm has been regarded as the worst natural disaster in the country’s history.

  • 7 barge shipments and 30 planes of emergency aid sent to 4 Abaco islands and Grand Bahamas.
  • 859 Evacuations through our Fly Tropic and Delta partnership
  • 14 Medical Evacs
  • 39 Patients Treated
  • 7 Clinics Augmented and Supplied

Phase 2

The Gap Period​

Global Empowerment Mission responded in the second phase, the gap period, by distributing sustenance supplies and providing temporary shelter.

Phase 3

Sustainable Development

Global Empowerment Mission is currently responding in the third phase, sustainable development, by working with government and community leaders to provide permanent and durable housing and infrastructure (primary and secondary schools). Working towards a long-term response in coordination with government, community leaders, and public private partners to create a self-sufficient and thriving community


GEM Impact:

  • 859 People evacuated
  • 6.5 million lbs. of aid & building materials
  • $33 million of aid provided
  • 8 barges of construction supplies sent to Abaco North Port and Moore’s Island.
  • 106 homes repaired in North Abaco through our home rebuild program. 
  • 3 Schools completely rebuilt through our school rebuild program
  • 1 commercial fishing boat donated through our Adopt a Fisherman program.
  • Over 500, 80 gallon bags plastic picked up through our Plastic Buy Back Program with bStrong and 4 Ocean. 


  • Kroenke Family Foundation
  • Treasure Cay Community Foundation
  • Bahamas Relief Foundation
  • Eagle’s Wings
  • Foundation Disaster Relief
  • TD Bank
  • Discovery Land Company Foundation
  • Siadat Family Foundation
  • Blue Tide Marine
  • ICS Marketplace
  • 84 Lumber
  • Discount Roofing Supplies
  • Bahamas Disaster Authority
  • Turnberry Construction
  • Moss Construction
  • Tropic Ocean Airways
  • Bimini Shipping
  • HARP

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