GEM 2023  Mission

Sudan Conflict

Phase 1: Immediate Response

GEM is currently responding to the ongoing and critical crisis in Sudan. This specialised team, led by a former Green Beret, has been distributing aid at refugee camps along multiple locations across the Sudanese border. Within a country already plagued by humanitarian needs, the most recent conflict has brought on even more struggles for citizens living within Sudan, with the affects reaching also into Chad and Egypt. Currently it is estimated that over 850,000 individuals will be forced to flee in order to find basic resources and safety. Those displaced within the country right now are left without access to clean water, food, gasoline, shelter, communication possibilities, and more. It is a dire humanitarian crisis, and with the highly skilled team GEM has deployed, we plan to assist as many people as possible while in this extremely dangerous territory. So far, our efforts have been conducted in Ethiopia and Egypt, where we have seen thousands crossing daily across the border from Sudan. We have supplied those in these camps with our GEM Family Necessity kits, providing food and water, as well as train tickets to assist with relocation efforts.

Recent Missions

United States
GEM is prepositioned to immediately deploy to flooding disasters in the United States. We are presently responding to the historic flooding in Vermont, and will be distributing trucks of Family Necessity Kits, water, hygiene, mattresses, and more.