GEM 2023  Mission

Kakhovka Dam Explosion

GEM Mission Specific Press
TVP World
Flooded buildings could collapse in Kherson after dam destruction: expert
Kyiv says it has liberated front-line villages in counteroffensive; Putin appeals to Russians’ patriotism
The Atlantic
Photos: Flood Damage After the Destruction of Ukraine’s Kakhovka Dam
The Guardian
‘They hate us so much’: villagers flee flooding after dam attack
EA Worldview
Ukraine War, Day 469: Putin’s “Environmental Bomb”? The Destruction of the Nova Kakhovka Dam

International GEM Press

Michael Capponi: Nova Kakhovka dam explosion was an incredibly horrific situation
Ізюм Інформаційний
У Ізюмі роздавали гуманітарну допомогу та нові вікна
Шокований незламністю місцевих! Як волонтер зі США приїхав допомагати людям у Херсоні
Факти ICTV
Насувається НЕГОДА! Херсонців рятують АМЕРИКАНСЬКІ ВОЛОНТЕРИ — це треба БАЧИТИ
Луцькі волонтери відвезли сотні пакунків для сімей затопленої Херсонщини
Área Militar
‘Eles nos odeiam tanto’: moradores fogem das enchentes após ataque à barragem
Barragem na Ucrânia: dezenas de milhares em risco na região de Kherson, diz Kiev, com picos de inundação
Index HR
Stižu strašne snimke, ljudi na krovovima, oglasio se Putin. Raznesen važan plinovod?
Dnevni Avaz
Spasioci: Najveći problem nije voda, nego Rusi koji nas granatiraju

Summary Stats

of water committed
0 L
of water delivered
0 L
full-size semi trucks of aid delivered
Family Necessity Kits delivered

Phase 1: Immediate Response

On June 6th, in the Kherson region, the Nova Kakhovka dam was targeted and breached by enemy attacks. This dam has a water volume of 18,000,000 m³, and the destruction has ultimately caused this water to severely impact the neighbouring 80 settlements. Currently there are 400,000 people without access to clean water, there are extreme dangerous within the flood water, such as mines, and the home and agriculture damage is extensive. The GEM Ukraine team, in partnership with the Howard G. Buffett Foundation, immediately responded to the area, thanks to our fleet of off-road vehicles and boats. Right now we are using these measures to bring our Family Necessity Kits and clean water to those who are stranded.


Recent Missions

Early April, Taiwan’s east coast was struck by a powerful 6.8 magnitude earthquake. GEM’s existing relationship with Japan’s Hunger Zero organization was critical in getting accurate and frequent updates from the ground.
On January 1st, a major 7.6 earthquake struck the Noto Peninsula in Japan. This earthquake was the deadliest in Japan since 2016, taking the lives of hundreds and injuring many more

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