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Pakistan Floods

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Washington Post
Journey inside Pakistan’s flood zone reveals how poorest were hit hardest
Al Jazeera
‘Never seen climate carnage’ like Pakistan floods, says UN chief
Agha Siraj Khan Durrani Official
آغا شھباز خان درانی بھی امدای سرگرمیوں میں مصروف
How to help victims of the Pakistan floods

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Phase 1: Disaster Relief

GEM Bstrong is working on the ground in Pakistan to give significant support to the victims of these historical floods.

As our team made their way to the interior, it became increasingly obvious that everyone needs everything everywhere. The scale of the flooding in Pakistan is unfathomably large. 30M+ people are displaced from their homes, stretching across the nation from North to South. With such a vast need for food, shelter and medical aid, we decided to first focus on the most vulnerable villages.

We immediately began working with local partners to identify high-risk communities in Sindh and Khyber Pakhtunkhw (KPK). To complement these in-country partnerships, we traveled with the tactical team at Aerial Recovery Group which enabled us to reach places that are otherwise inaccessible and unlikely to receive any aid. Collectively, our team came equipped to provide food, hygiene, medical treatment, rescue and evacuation.

Within our first 24 hours in-country, we began delivering Family Necessity kits, which can sustain a family of 8+ for 1-2 weeks. We quickly discovered that families have been swimming through toxic waters to reach food, which is hard to come by. This has spurred water-borne illnesses, turning minor wounds into life-threatening situations. These communities are also facing threats from snakes and other animals who are fighting to stay alive amidst submerged sustenance.

After the acute Phase 1 of this response, we will begin to fortify partnerships that will enable us to distribute in-kind aid across the country. These partnerships will consist of NGOs, government and the private sector actors.



Recent Missions

On November 16th, the GEM Europe team arrived in Iceland to support evacuees, and in anticipation for future volcanic activity. Since late October, Iceland has recorded over 20,000 earthquakes, with as many as 800 in a single day.
In response to the Herat earthquake, and the string of smaller quakes since, the GEM MENA team deployed to Afghanistan to provide humanitarian aid to those affected.
Over 100,000 refugees have fled from the recent conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh, travelling for days in cold temperatures with just the bare minimum they were able to take with them. GEM has deployed to Armenia to distribute humanitarian aid to these individuals, during this crisis.
GEM MENA loaded a military ship in Izmir, Turkey with vital supplies for those affected by the recent flooding
United States
The GEM team is currently on the ground, having responded immediately during the storm. We are prepositioning trucks of aid and will be distributing critical, large-scale supplies to Hurricane Idalia’s most affected zones in the Florida area.