GEM 2022  Mission

European Fires

Global Empowerment Mission BStrong is responding in the first phase of disaster relief by supplying food, water, and cleaning supplies to first responders and front line workers currently fighting the European fires.

Phase 1: Disaster Relief

We’ve been in Hresnko the village in the National Park in Czech Republic where is the biggest fire in history of this country. Every route to this area is blocked, only firefighters and inhabitants who is helping can get there. Almost whole Hresnko and area was evacuated because fire is very close to their houses. We brought few pallets (water, protein bars and wet wipes) to those who stayed there and they try to help .

Bordeaux, France fires and Alicante Spain.



Recent Missions

United States
GEM is prepositioned to immediately deploy to flooding disasters in the United States. We are presently responding to the historic flooding in Vermont, and will be distributing trucks of Family Necessity Kits, water, hygiene, mattresses, and more.