GEM 2018  Mission

California Wildfires

GEM Mission Specific Press
30 Contractors Affected by the Camp Fire Go on Shopping Spree for New, Free Equipment
Volunteers Make Sure Kids Impacted By the Camp Fire Have a Merry Christmas

Summary Stats

Emergency Aid & Supplies
$ 0
Bstrong Cash Cards
RV Donated
Contractors back to work

Phase 1:

Disaster Relief

Global Empowerment Mission responded in the first phase, disaster relief, by providing an immediate response. Highlights of accomplishments in the first 10 days include:

  • Over 2000 cash & gift cards personally handed to people affected by the Paradise #campfire and #Woolsey fires.
  • 200 blankets individually handed out in the #paradise tent cities.
  • Two 18 wheeler trucks and two smaller trucks of aid distributed to 8 Red Cross Shelters in Paradise.

Phase 2

The Gap Period​

Global Empowerment Mission responded in the second phase, the gap period, by defining beneficiary criteria and identifying recipients of vital funds. Many beneficiaries were in dire circumstances and were able to go from sleeping in cars to relocating back into their homes.

GEM Impact:

  • 2,540 Beneficiaries
  • Distributed $350,000 in direct cash cards underwritten by the #BStrong Initiative
    • $80,000 distributed amongst 2,000 beneficiaries
    • $270,000 distributed amongst 540 beneficiaries
  • $1M in donated in-kind supplies for 10,000 ppl

Phase 3

Sustainable Development

Global Empowerment Mission responded in the third phase, sustainable development, by supplying tool for 70 contractors.


  • Paradise Adopt a Family

  • North Valley Community Foundation

  • Butte Strong

  • Olive Garden

  • Buffalo Wild Wings

Recent Missions

Early April, Taiwan’s east coast was struck by a powerful 6.8 magnitude earthquake. GEM’s existing relationship with Japan’s Hunger Zero organization was critical in getting accurate and frequent updates from the ground.
On January 1st, a major 7.6 earthquake struck the Noto Peninsula in Japan. This earthquake was the deadliest in Japan since 2016, taking the lives of hundreds and injuring many more

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