Flew The Coop ® is a charitable initiative that works in partnership with Global Empowerment Mission (GEM) to support non-profit partners dedicated to rescuing dogs in need and providing emergency assistance to pets in crisis.

Founded by entrepreneur and philanthropist Christopher N. Harding, Flew The Coop ® was inspired by his passion for dogs and his life-changing animal adoption experience. Flew The Coop ® is named in gratitude and appreciation of Cooper, whose 2019 adoption forever changed Harding’s life and continues to inspire him today.  Check out CNN.

Current nonprofit partners include Animal HavenDogs & Cats of AntiguaKentucky Humane Society and The SATO Project, among others.

In the News

Flew The Coop ® is proud to have been featured in:


Flew The Coop ® exists to:

  • Rescue animals in need
  • Provide emergency assistance to pets in crisis


Flew The Coop ® strives to:

  • Build a diverse, global network of nonprofits and supporters who share its mission
  • Mobilize in real-time to provide crisis emergency relief and supplies
  • Share the love, inspire others and drive fundraising


Flew The Coop ® supports organizations close to Harding’s heart & homes:


Flew The Coop ® creates programs for all ages to lend a hand (or a paw):

Signature Programs:

  • Bark Board™ 🐶
  • Bark Boxes™ 📦
  • Paint PAW.ty™ 🎨
  • RedCar.PET™ 🌟

Partner Programs:

  • Freedom Flights x DACOA x SATO ✈️
  • Pups At The Pitch x Racing Louisville ⚽️
  • Puppy Playdates x DACOA x Hodges Bay 🏖️
  • Travel Buddies

By the Numbers

Flew The Coop ® is small but mighty and has:

  • Helped Rescue Over 1,000 Animals
  • Hosted 10 Puppy Playdates
  • Funded 9 Freedom Flights/Animal Airlifts
  • Supported 6 Non-Profit Organizations
  • Aided 5 Disaster Zones

Social Media

To share the love, please follow and tag @FlewTheCoop_, as well as our non-profit partners: