GEM 2018  Mission

Hurricane Florence

Phase 1:

Disaster Relief

Global Empowerment Mission responded in the first phase, disaster relief, by providing an immediate response.

GEM had its assessment teams on the ground within two days of the disaster. With help from a North Carolina prison guard the GEM team and Third Wave Volunteers made it to Fayetteville and assessed three shelters:

  • The True Vine Ministries shelter with Pastor Ernest Jones and Director Chad Beasley
  • The Pinetree Shelter director
  • The Mana Church shelter


On Day 2, GEM and The Third Wave Volunteers team headed by Alison Thompson joined the local rescue efforts with the Cajun Navy and conducted search and rescue missions.

On Day 3, $40,000 in gift cards were distributed to the Manna Church shelter and the Pine Forest shelter in Fayetteville along with toys, pet food, food, water and hygiene products which were graciously donated by Bethenny Frankel and Bstrong.


  • Delivering Good
    Manna Church
    Third Wave Volunteers

Recent Missions

United States
GEM is prepositioned to immediately deploy to flooding disasters in the United States. We are presently responding to the historic flooding in Vermont, and will be distributing trucks of Family Necessity Kits, water, hygiene, mattresses, and more.