GEM 2021  Mission

Haiti Earthquake 2021

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South Florida Organizations Working Around The Clock To Send Earthquake Relief Supplies To Haiti

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Phase 1:

Disaster Relief

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In G.E.M.’s 11+ years of working in Haiti with 95+ mission trips, many important lessons have been learned. In an effort to have the aid supply chain scaled and streamlined, here’s GEM Bstrong plan of action:

G.E.M. is loading United Carrier Group semi-trucks with over 589 pallets totaling over $6,246,722 in relief supplies that will be shipped throughout remainder of 2021.


Supplies will service three main zones.

– Zone A: Departement Nippes / Epicenter region Changeaux / L’Asilles / Anse de Veau

– Zone B: Departement Sud / Les Cayes region

– Zone C: Grande Anse / Jeremie region

The supplies are donated to G.E.M. through major partnerships such as Good360, Take2Hope, South Florida Caribbean Strong, Ocean State Job Lot, USA 4 Vets, Goya Foods, Walmart, Amazon, and many more.

The first partial shipload arrived at the port of Miragoane in August. The second in October and the third is currently being worked on.

Any attempts to have large-scale public distributions would only lead to absolute chaos. To prevent this, we have partnered with reliable Haitian (only) community stakeholders and partners that operate year-round in the affected areas of the south coast.

Local Haitian orgs, churches, orphanages, schools, and hospitals will be recipients of the life-sustaining supplies. Food, beverages, tents, blankets, air mattresses, and over-the-counter medical supplies will be palletized at G.E.M. head quarters.

The port will be turned into a truck-only drive up. Each Haitian partner will send 1-3 box trucks depending on community size to pick up their supplies. The combined ship runs will fill over 62 Haitian trucks with all distributions being supervised by G.E.M. Haitian team members and executive teams. This program is in partnership with the D.P.C., Caribbean Consular Corps, and the Haitian Consulate.

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Ship Recipients (condensed list)

Zone 1 Nippes – Director Louis Mérosné

L’Asile, St. Joseph

Carrefour Honoré/Changeux, The Chair of St. Peter

Morisseau, St. Rose of Lima

Lièvre, St. Catherine Labouré

Baradères, Sts. Peter and Paul

Fond Tortue, St. Elizabeth

Rivière Salée, St. Joseph Travailleur

Anse-à-Veau, St. Ann

Sault-du-Baril, Sts. Yves and Joachim

O’Rouck, St. Louis de Montfort

Père Alix Eliscar, UNDH Nippes

Père Wathner Aupont, Grand Ravine (Petit Troy)

Zone 2 – Directing Org, Les Cayes Little Footprints Big Steps

Lilet, Tisselin Carly

Massey, Tisselin Carly

Saut-Mathurine, Jude Celestin

Chantillie, Petit-Homme & Geres, Cavaillon

Aquin, St Louis

Cavaillon, Pastor Antoine Kerby Berlus

Fonda de Blancs Soutni Yo

Les Cayes Helo Haiti

Île-à-Vache Got you

FO Haiti Viv in Partnership with Robert Dietrich

Ministry of Planification and External Cooperation

Recent Missions

On November 16th, the GEM Europe team arrived in Iceland to support evacuees, and in anticipation for future volcanic activity. Since late October, Iceland has recorded over 20,000 earthquakes, with as many as 800 in a single day.
In response to the Herat earthquake, and the string of smaller quakes since, the GEM MENA team deployed to Afghanistan to provide humanitarian aid to those affected.
Over 100,000 refugees have fled from the recent conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh, travelling for days in cold temperatures with just the bare minimum they were able to take with them. GEM has deployed to Armenia to distribute humanitarian aid to these individuals, during this crisis.
GEM MENA loaded a military ship in Izmir, Turkey with vital supplies for those affected by the recent flooding
United States
The GEM team is currently on the ground, having responded immediately during the storm. We are prepositioning trucks of aid and will be distributing critical, large-scale supplies to Hurricane Idalia’s most affected zones in the Florida area.