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Global HQ, Doral Florida

Tel Aviv, Israel

Phase 1: Emergency Response


  • GEM Bstrong in partnership with SmartAID, has embarked on a mission to provide immediate relief to families affected by recent events in Israel.
  • Our objective is clear: to alleviate the suffering of the civilians in need.

Key Objectives:

  • Humanitarian Assistance: Our foremost aim is to deliver essential humanitarian aid to the evacuees who have faced unimaginable challenges.
  • Well-being: We are committed to ensuring the well-being and comfort of families who have been displaced from their homes.

Activities in Motion:

  • Our well-structured plan includes:
    • A thorough needs assessment to understand the immediate requirements of evacuees.
    • Procurement of vital relief materials, ensuring their quality and adequacy.
    • Dignified distribution of items such as bedding, blankets, clothing, hygiene kits, and food in a few kibbutzim in the north, central and south that absorbed the evacuees.
    • We are also in supporting local health facilities who are treating wounded civilians to better understand their immediate and mid term needs.
  • Ongoing community engagement initiatives, such as support groups, to address medium-long term needs and help affected families rebuild their lives.


  • 6 air shipments of aid arrived in Israel from Miami with 111 pallets valued at $1,681,810.42. GEM is committed to shipping another 200 pallets of aid to Israel.
  • We have a large team of established partners and experienced volunteers on the ground, distributing local aid to affected communities around Israel. Six cargo planes with 250 tons of food and essential supplies were distributed in 6 cities and 49 Kibbutzim. Locations for aid distributions are changing daily to accommodate the shifting needs of the community.
  • From our headquarters, GEM also hosted Israeli-American families entering the United States through the US Government’s evacuation planes in Tampa. As more planes arrive, our GEM booth at the State of Florida receiving tent is active.
  • We have processed $1,986,461.70 for short-term incidental cash for Israelis in shelters.
  • Over 525,000 hot meals provided

We at GEM wholeheartedly condemn the horrific attacks taking place & stand against terrorism.


How is GEM supporting Israeli Civilians affected by the war?

GEM is on the ground in Israel providing immediate aid, including food, medical supplies, and shelter goods to families affected by the devastating war.

GEM condemns all acts of terrorism. The acts of Hamas have no justification, no legitimacy, and must be universally condemned.

As stated in the Joint Press Release from France, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, and the United States, “ [We] recognize the legitimate aspirations of the Palestinian people, and support equal measures of justice and freedom for Israelis and Palestinians alike. But make no mistake: Hamas does not represent those aspirations, and it offers nothing for the Palestinian people other than more terror and bloodshed.”

All aid earmarked for Israel will only be shipped and distributed to Israeli civilians. 

GEM utilizes separate funds for all missions. The Israel-Hamas War Fund will hold all donations provided to the mission. GEM’s 990’s and financial statements are publicly available on our website. The GEM Board of Directors established a Finance Committee to review recent financial statements and to confirm the transparency and accuracy of data being reported.

Please contact [email protected] for a list of current goods being accepted for this mission. Please reach out before drop-off to confirm our operating hours, address, and goods being donated. Thank you for your generosity!

Goods can be shipped directly to our GEM HQ in Doral Florida.

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