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Maui Wildfires

GEM 미션 특정 언론
Community gathers to raise money for Maui wildfire victims in Delray Beach
The Maui News
Community kindness keeps distribution hubs running
Maui Now
New Westside Distribution Center opens for fire survivors at Kahana Gateway
Maui County
Kahana Gateway Distribution Center: Stability and Hope for Maui Fire Victims
Fox 5
Maui wildfires: Uber, Spam, Airbnb to support displaced locals
Kentucky Today
Ed Freedman’s Stable Road Foundation Partners with Global Empowerment Mission to Help Maui Fire Survivors
Hawaiian wildfires hit home for Kamu Grugier-Hill
PR 뉴스와이어
Goya Foods Sends Aid To The People Of Maui And The West Coast
CBS 마이애미
South Florida groups collecting supplies, cash for Maui wildfire victims
야후 뉴스
Agencias policiales de Miami recaudarán ayuda monetaria para afectados por incendios forestales
How 8 brands are responding to the Maui wildfires
Connect CRE
Want to Donate to Maui Wildfire Victims? Be Wary of Charity Scammers
Market Screener
Governor Green and announce housing support for Maui
Clayton County Register
Spacex And Tesla Support Relief Efforts In Hawaii Wildfires
에어비앤비 뉴스
Governor Green and announce housing support for Maui
지역 10
South Florida woman haunted by trip to Maui that turned into devastation
폭스 비즈니스
Maui wildfire relief groups aim to find victims more permanent housing
NBC 마이애미
South Florida nonprofit sending aid to help victims of the Maui wildfires
폭스 뉴스
Relief groups in Hawaii getting supplies to residents devastated by wildfires
CNN: Help Hawaii wildfire victims

요약 통계

In committed aid, short & long term relocations and rebuilds 2023-2024
In Family Necessities Kits from our Westside Distribution Center in Kahana.
Year minimum commitment
in BStrong cash cards distributed
Jupe Family Extension housing units in transit
In Tools for Contractors distributed
in rent abatement checks distributed
Modular Homes in Assembly
Truckloads of aid delivered to local Hawaiian run hubs.
Short term Airbnb individual relocations processed to date

Our Operations

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Our GEM BStrong team is on the ground now in Maui, Hawaii, assisting those who have been severely affected by the wildfires. Our immediate assistance will come in the form of our BStrong cash cards, which offer survivors the flexibility of purchasing whatever supplies they need most. We will also be offering Airbnb Short-term accommodation assistanceLong-term housing solutions, Rebuilding projects, and Contractor tool purchasing assistance to those who’s homes have been severely damaged or completely destroyed in the fires. We will also be offering support for pets affected. Our team will be on the ground indefinitely, ensuring that those on Maui will be given as much long-term support as needed.

GEM will now be operating from our new Maui office, which is open to assist with long-term housing applications, our BStrong cash assistance cards, and other aid.

Long-term Housing Solutions

GEM is presently offering longer term housing assistance to those who have been displaced by the Lahaina fires. In this program we are helping to alleviate housing costs to families having to move into new spaces. We will also supplying these homes with basic first needs, within our GEM Welcome Home Kits.

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