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In the aftermath of Hurricane Beryl, GEM is on the ground delivering crucial aid to the devastated communities across the Caribbean islands and the Yucatán Peninsula Mexico.

From GEM headquarters in Doral, Florida, we’re currently sending large-scale humanitarian supplies to the affected regions. Our team is actively deployed in Grenada, St. Vincent, Tulum, and Jamaica, ensuring those impacted receive the support they need. As Beryl continues to threaten more areas, including Texas, we stand ready to respond.

Help us bring hope and relief to thousands. Learn more and donate to our mission today in the link in our bio above. @sflcaribbeanstrong @caribbeanstrong @marlonhill @mairoliver

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We are mobilizing for BEX. No invitation needed. Just give us a couple hours all weekend and daily 10-5pm to assemble family emergency kits at GEM HQ at 1850
NW 84th Avenue, Doral, Florida. Wear comfortable clothing and shoes. Bring needed supplies with you, more information in our bio above and at @sflcaribbeanstrong #hurricaneberyl #humanitariancrisis #hurricane #caribbean

GEM HQ is deploying to multiple islands in partnership with the Caribbean Consular Corps and Caribbean Strong.

GEM is calling for volunteers at their Doral headquarters from 10 am to 5 pm every day for the coming week to assemble family necessity kits for those islands affected by Hurricane Beryl.

GEM ground teams will be in Grenada later this afternoon, then boating to Carriacou (a nearby island that was destroyed) tomorrow morning. In St. Vincent (and Union Island), our local ground partners are ready to receive and distribute aid as soon as it arrives. GEM executive staff is working alongside the Caribbean offices of Consuls General and Ambassadors to assess immediate needs as the storm continues its path near Jamaica, the Cayman Islands, and Cancun/Tulum.

To learn how you can help, please visit the link in our bio above. #humanitarian #disasterrelief #hurricaneberyl #caribbean @sflcaribbeanstrong @caribbeanstrong @iamyvettenharris @marlonhill @michaelcapponi #GEMmissions

Press conference to mobilize relief efforts for Hurricane Beryl response. To learn more about this mission and how you can help, please visit the link in our bio above. #HurricaneBeryl #Caribbean ...

This week, we challenged your knowledge with our interactive poll questions! Check your answers and comment below if you aced them all!

If you’re inspired by the impact you can make, join our Humanitarian Circle as a monthly donor today. Large or small, every contribution counts in empowering
communities around the world. To learn more and how you can donate, please visit the link in our bio above. #GEMSmarts #MonthlyGiving #HumanitarianAid #gemmissions

@globalempowermentmissionmena team continues to support people suffering inside of Gaza.

Here is the story of one of the families that our team met. Sami has 2 children, Salim and Habiba. Please listen to him.

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Your monthly donations provide Family Necessities Kits to those in need. With your support, we’re able to make a real difference! Depending on the type, scope, and location of the disaster, our Family Necessities Kits each contain supplies ranging from nonperishable foods 🍲, hydration and water purification 💧, to essential hygiene supplies 🧼. Join our Humanitarian Circle today to start giving back to those in need. Link to monthly giving page in bio section above. Heartwarming thanks to @goyafoods @goyacares @avoninsider @drinkdripdrop @bombas @myearthbreeze #MonthlyGiving #HumanitarianCircle #MakeADifference ...

We’re happy to share a few moments of joy from our recent distribution of new shoes and clothing for Eid, in South Gaza.

Our partners at @hcicanada supported and inspired this initiative. Together, we’re reaching families and children with essential aid - from food kits to medical supplies and clothing boxes. We will continue our focus on children in Gaza, one smile at a time. @aneraorg #eid

Our @globalempowermentmissionmena team, alongside partners @aneraorg, are providing essential support beyond tents, water, hygiene, and family food boxes.

We’re also delivering bulk foods to community kitchens in Gaza. These initiatives serve as lifelines for families enduring the challenges of daily life during an unpredictable war and severe food shortages.

Together, we’ve already delivered over 10 million food portions and continue to find new ways to deliver aid at scale. To learn more about this mission and how you can help, please visit the link above in our bio. @globalempowermentmission #humanitarian #relief

Join our Humanitarian Circle and help us provide immediate aid when disaster strikes. 🌪️ During Hurricane Idalia in 2023, GEM delivered 12 trucks of aid and supported over 1,900 families in just one week—thanks to our amazing donors. ❤️ Help sustain these efforts by joining our monthly giving program today: [link in bio] #GEM #DisasterRelief #HumanitarianAid #hurricane #preparedness ...

Today, let’s celebrate our beautiful planet and commit to protecting it. At GEM, we’re dedicated to maximizing aid during global disasters. This #WorldEnvironmentDay, join us in being part of the solution. Join our Humanitarian Circle in our bio and consider a monthly donation to support environmental and disaster readiness efforts. Together, we can build a resilient future. #WorldEnvironmentDay #HurricanePreparedness #EcoFriendly #SaveOurPlanet What are your green pledges and preparedness plans? Share with us!

Thank you ~Team GEM

Did you know that recurring donations provide critical, continuous support for disaster readiness? Your monthly support helps us tackle the hard work today and better prepare for future disasters as the hurricane season begins. Click the link in our bio to join our Humanitarian Circle! #DisasterPreparedness
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