GEM 2024  Mission

Colombia Fires

Fase 1: Risposta immediata

Colombia declared a disaster situation on Thursday due to wildfires raging across several parts of the country, as the president warned the conditions could get worse.

Click here to see our previous 2018 Amazon Fire response, which we will be replicating for this initiative

In response to the multiple wildfires around Columbia, GEM LATAM has activated to help assist first responders and affected residents. Presently, we are purchasing fire gear for first responders.

$150 = gear for 1 person

$750 = gear for 5 people

$1500 = gear for 10 people

We are presently on the ground in Cundinamarca.

Missioni recenti

On January 1st, a major 7.6 earthquake struck the Noto Peninsula in Japan. This earthquake was the deadliest in Japan since 2016, taking the lives of hundreds and injuring many more

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