Nina Lesavoy

Nina Lesavoy has over 35 years of experience in investment management. She has extensive experience in investment marketing and sales to global institutional investors including Sovereign Wealth Funds, U.S. Public Pension Funds, University Endowments, Private Foundations, Funds of Funds, Family Offices, High Net Worth Investors and Asset Management Consulting firms. She has marketed both public and private equity and debt strategies, as well as alternative investments, in the venture capital, leveraged buyout and real estate arenas. Nina started her investment career at the Putnam Companies in 1987. In 1990, she joined Chancellor Capital Management, formerly the investment management division of Citibank, as head of Global Marketing, Sales and Client Service. Nina served both as a Partner and as a member of their Management Committee. In 1995, Lichtenstein Global Trust (LGT) bought Chancellor Capital Management and, in 1997, the merged firm, Chancellor LGT Asset Management, was acquired by Invesco. At Invesco, Nina served as a Director and was responsible for the firm’s institutional internet strategies, public relations, and key marketing strategies. She was also a Global Partner of Amvescap. In 2000, Nina was a founding investor of InvestorForce, where she was actively involved in their fundraising strategies. In 2003, Nina joined the SEI U.S. Mutual Fund Board as an Independent Director, representing the shareholders of 102 SEI U.S. Mutual Funds with a total of $120 billion under management across 10 SEI Investment Trusts. In 2007, Nina was named an Independent Director for the SEI Structured Credit Fund which has $1 billion under management. Since 2017, she has also served as Governance Chair of the SEI U.S. Mutual Funds. Nina grew up in New York City, where she attended the Brearley School from Kindergarten through Twelfth Grade. In 1979, she was graduated from Duke University with a BA in Management Science and French. Following her graduation, she worked for GTE until 1987, serving in a variety of Senior Sales and Marketing positions across several divisions.

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