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Interaktywne aktualizacje w czasie rzeczywistym dla darczyńców GEM pozwalają na bieżąco sprawdzać, na jakim etapie misji się znajdujemy, wraz ze statystykami, alokacjami i liczbami dotyczącymi dystrybucji. Darczyńcy mogą przekazać darowiznę na rzecz misji i czuć się zaangażowani, widząc natychmiastowe rezultaty.

Our @globalempowermentmissionmena team, alongside partners @aneraorg, are providing essential support beyond tents, water, hygiene, and family food boxes.

We’re also delivering bulk foods to community kitchens in Gaza. These initiatives serve as lifelines for families enduring the challenges of daily life during an unpredictable war and severe food shortages.

Together, we’ve already delivered over 10 million food portions and continue to find new ways to deliver aid at scale. To learn more about this mission and how you can help, please visit the link above in our bio. @globalempowermentmission #humanitarian #relief

Join our Humanitarian Circle and help us provide immediate aid when disaster strikes. 🌪️ During Hurricane Idalia in 2023, GEM delivered 12 trucks of aid and supported over 1,900 families in just one week—thanks to our amazing donors. ❤️ Help sustain these efforts by joining our monthly giving program today: [link in bio] #GEM #DisasterRelief #HumanitarianAid #hurricane #preparedness ...

Today, let’s celebrate our beautiful planet and commit to protecting it. At GEM, we’re dedicated to maximizing aid during global disasters. This #WorldEnvironmentDay, join us in being part of the solution. Join our Humanitarian Circle in our bio and consider a monthly donation to support environmental and disaster readiness efforts. Together, we can build a resilient future. #WorldEnvironmentDay #HurricanePreparedness #EcoFriendly #SaveOurPlanet What are your green pledges and preparedness plans? Share with us!

Thank you ~Team GEM

Did you know that recurring donations provide critical, continuous support for disaster readiness? Your monthly support helps us tackle the hard work today and better prepare for future disasters as the hurricane season begins. Click the link in our bio to join our Humanitarian Circle! #DisasterPreparedness
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On this Memorial Day we remember and we honor. From All of Us at Team GEM 🙏🏻 #memorialday ...

Great story on @cbs8 on #globalempowermentmissionusawest’s efforts to help those affected by the Mountainview floods in San Diego, CA. The interview also includes an inspirational story about our #GEM USA West branch director, @elizabeth_24_jernberg , and her journey from a Paradise Fire survivor to Director of GEM USA West. To learn more about this mission and how you can help, please visit: https://www.globalempowermentmission.org/mission/usa-floods-2024/ @cbs8 #GEMmssions #gemusawest #mountainview #california #mountainviewcalifornia #flood #paradisefire #hope #empowerment #cbs8 #sandiego ...

Our @globalempowermentmissionlatam teams have been working diligently since El Niño brought in devastating flooding across Southern Brazil.

In the last 14 days, GEM has carried out daily distributions delivering 100 tons of aid to the affected regions. With each new day, team continues to expand outreach across Novo Hamburgo, Lomba Grande, São Leopoldo and Porto Alegre supporting the affected families with food, water, blankets, and hygiene supplies.

In addition to providing aid and essential supplies, we have also set up support programs to allocate shelter to those without a safe place to live.

Hundreds of local volunteers in the region have joined our efforts.Thanks to you, we have supported over 5000 families to date.

#brazil #floods #gemmissions #gem #support

Our @globalempowermentmissionmena team in partnership with @aneraorg have created new methodologies and systems to get large amounts of pre-packed food and hygiene kits to Palestinian civilians.

Here’s how it works.

@bbcnews story on how @globalempowermentmissionmena team operates inside Gaza to support people fleeing from the latest situation in Rafah. BBC News speaks to Director of Gaza Operations for GEM MENA, @bengrantgem

#gemmissions #humanity #humaitariancrisis #civilians

Soon over 1 Million Palestinians that fled to southern Gaza’s, Rafah city to find refuge, will need to move back to central Gaza.

In anticipation of this, we have opened our first main warehouse/hub in Khans Yunis.
Large convoys from @globalempowermentmissionmena in Cairo will be delivering aid on a weekly basis to this GEM Anera hub.

From here, our @globalempowermentmissionmena @aneraorg teams deliver critical life saving aid throughout the region. This includes, south, central and northern Gaza. GEM is increasing staff, capacity and output by 100%. This is uncharted territory but we cannot let fear stop us from doing what we do. With only your help, we can increase the flow of basic living essentials to Palestinian civilians. Learn more about our various campaigns through our bio-link @globalempowermentmission

Around 70 % of people in Gaza are drinking salinised or contaminated water while half of the water and sanitation facilities in the area have been destroyed or damaged.

The video shows the immediate positive effects that GEM’s water relief centre gives to the people of Gaza.

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