Misión de GEM 2023

Hurricane Hilary

Fase 1: Respuesta inmediata

Hurricane Hilary made landfall in Baja California, Mexico on August 20th, bringing in extremely heavy rains. The flooding resulting from this rain destroyed roads and damaged infrastructure. From here, Hurricane Hilary extended upwards with it’s affects being felt in San Diego, Los Angeles, Riverside, Palm Springs, and beyond. The rainfall brought in many inches of water, into areas where this much rain is not usual. GEM had multiple teams on the ground is assorted areas pre-storm, ready to respond in whichever capacity was needing. We have teams on the ground in Palm Spring, Los Angeles, and in Mexico. In Baja California, the GEM team made their way to San Filipe and San Rosalia, working with first responders to find those who had been most affected, and delivering aid right away.



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Estados Unidos
GEM está preparada para intervenir inmediatamente en catástrofes provocadas por inundaciones en Estados Unidos. Actualmente estamos respondiendo a las históricas inundaciones de Vermont y distribuiremos camiones con kits de primera necesidad, agua, higiene, colchones y mucho más.