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As actualizações interactivas em tempo real da GEM para doadores permitem ver em que ponto estamos na missão continuamente com estatísticas, atribuição, e números de distribuição. Os doadores podem doar para uma missão e sentir-se envolvidos vendo os resultados imediatamente.

Today we honor the countless heroes in Ukraine. This is our “Two Year” documentary style video showing the complex nature of what we do.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has created the largest humanitarian disaster in Europe since World War II. Our teams responded immediately and arrived on the Polish border of Medyka on February 25, 2022. Since then, we have been working here diligently and methodically every day.

We couldn’t be more proud of our @globalempowermentmission teams. In the last two years GEM supported Ukrainians with $246,483,952 (cash and supplies) in various programs.

We distributed 3,295 truckloads of aid, replaced 100,114 windows, distributed 29,568,250 seeds, delivered 1534 generators, relocated 38,892 people to over 50 countries and rebuilt 257 projects. Our dollar versus impact ratio is amongst the highest possible therefore giving us a 100% rating at @charitynav for two straight years.

Our work in 2023 was all made possible thanks to our partnership with the Howard G. Buffett Foundation. No public donations to GEM were used in Ukraine in 2023.

Thank you to @bethennyfrankel @handlerrich @jefferies @pxdinstas @pbunitedway Nicole and David Tepper, @good360usa @amazon @virginunite @flexport @shannonsedg @w4ua_summit and countless others. It was you who supported us in 2022 and helped us set up the proper systems to be able to respond to this crisis for the long haul. Special thanks to GEM UA Ops director @andrew.negrych and our entire UA team. Thank you to @globalempowermentmissioneur’s @majelheart and our GEM Europe team. Thank you to our front line teams who risk their lives everyday. Thank you to our US teams and COO @emilymfullmer, our board of directors and all of our supporters. Together we are stronger, together we will prevail. #ukraine #hgbf #bstrong

Here’s a glimpse into our continuous work in Israel with our partners @smartaidint.

Since the October 7, th attacks, our teams have been supporting Israelis, Bedouin’s and Ethiopians with much needed supplies.

GEM is one of very few organizations that are serving Israeli civilians as well as Palestinian civilians. Our aim is alleviate human suffering in all the world’s diversified people.

Please visit our bio-link to see what we’re doing for both important causes.

@bbcnews story on @globalempowermentmissionmena’s Nura Bashir. This is her story and what we’re doing for Palestinian civilians in tent cities. ...

14 years ago today, Haiti was ravaged by a massive earthquake that devastated much of the country. The mission to provide aid and disaster relief became the beginning of what GEM has become today. We are so proud of all the students that have been a part of GEM’s programs in Haiti. On this day of remembrance, we wanted to share a letter from our Haiti students:

“Words won’t be enough to express how blessed we feel to have you. We, young Haitian people, having GEM in our lives, show us what we could become, and are still fighting today to make our dreams come true with your and God’s help. You never feel exhausted with us. You still share love, hard work, teaching us to become independent, have good health by teaching us to share with others in need, to be creative, to become the perfect version of ourselves. The person I am today is different from that person I was 14 years ago. All is because of you. We don’t know how the future will be, but we will make sure to make you proud. We will be the captains of our own destiny. It’s been 14 years today since you’ve been restoring hope and creating opportunities for us. GEM Haiti’s 🇭🇹 impact is directly beneficial to thousands of people here in Haiti since you began your missions here. Many students have graduated from high schools, professional/technical schools, and many are still in school so that their lives can be shaped for a better future. We thank GEM for who we are today because of your great work. Thank you so much, GEM. God bless you, and all who have contributed over the last 14 years to the person we are now, and will be in the future. Love you.” #gemhaiti #empowerment #education #humanitarian #haiti #humanity #futureleaders

Wishing every Human on this planet the happiest of holidays, and may everyone of your hearts and souls be full of joy. Bless you. All of our best, the GEM Global Team #GEM #holidays2023 #peace #joy #happiness #humanityfirst #love #healing ...

GEM Ukraine in partnership with HGBF is supporting over 30 small to medium farms and over 16 food factories through our Farm to Frontline initiative.

This initiative has now directly employed over 2000 people, consisting of farmers to IDPs, growers and food factory workers. Over 100 full-size semi-trucks of Ukrainian grown foods are delivered monthly to our @globalempowermentmissionua branch in Kyiv.

This food is packed daily by over 50 volunteers into our Family Necessities Kits. Then they are transported to over 300 front line villages per month. We are currently delivering 200,000 kits to people in dire need with no ability to find basic living essentials. #GEM #HGBF #farmtofrontline #foodsecurity #Ukraine #standwithukraine #conflictzone #farmers #agriculture

We want to personally thank each and every one of you that has supported us this year

2023 was a monumental year. With 25 missions, GEM provided more than 150 million dollars worth of aid and support to people around the world. With more than 355 missions in 56 countries, GEM’s reach is larger than ever before.

We’re thrilled to share this 2023 recap video. None of this work would be possible without your continued support of our efforts.

As we end 2023, we would love for you to join us in donating to the 2023 Year-End Campaign in honor of the lives we’ve touched this year.

Thank you all for relieving, restoring, and empowering underserved communities around the world.

All of this work is possible due to your continued generosity. Every day we are proving that we can have more impact with less cost to donors than most other organizations. We are proud to have been rated a 4-star charity by Charity Navigator on all 4 categories, (impact, financial, leadership and culture). Our corporate overhead this year has remained under 3%.

Founder & President and the entire GEM teams around the world.

@globalempowermentmissioneur @globalempowermentmissionua @globalempowermentmissionlatam @globalempowermentmissionmena @globalempowermentmissionasia @globalempowermentmissionafrica @globalempowermentmissionhaiti #bstrong #gemmissions #2023

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