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Morocco Earthquake

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in committed aid and supplies
truck loads of aid distributed

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In response to Morocco’s devastating 6.8 earthquake on September 8th, the GEM MENA and GEM Europe teams are on the ground in Marrakesh, the Atlas mountainous regions, and the surrounding communities offering immediate assistance. We are performing daily distributions with multiple truckloads each, ensuring that aid is getting to those who need it most right away. We are delivering food, water, hygiene products, bedding materials, and more.


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GEM은 미국의 홍수 재난 현장에 즉시 출동할 수 있도록 준비되어 있습니다. 현재 버몬트주에서 발생한 역사적인 홍수 피해에 대응하고 있으며, 가족 필수품 키트, 생수, 위생용품, 매트리스 등을 트럭에 실어 배포할 예정입니다.