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Orkaan Nicole

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Hulporganisatie voor slachtoffers van Nicole in Florida
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Global Empowerment Mission stuurt voorraden naar door Nicole getroffen delen van Florida

Fase 1: Hulpverlening bij rampen

Op 10 november 2022 ging tropische storm Nicole als een orkaan van categorie 1 aan land langs de oostkust van Florida, net ten zuiden van Vero Beach. Ons veldteam was diezelfde dag nog op de grond voor verkenningen en deelde gezinskits en water uit in St. John en Volusia Counties.


Recente missies

On November 16th, the GEM Europe team arrived in Iceland to support evacuees, and in anticipation for future volcanic activity. Since late October, Iceland has recorded over 20,000 earthquakes, with as many as 800 in a single day.
In response to the Herat earthquake, and the string of smaller quakes since, the GEM MENA team deployed to Afghanistan to provide humanitarian aid to those affected.
Over 100,000 refugees have fled from the recent conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh, travelling for days in cold temperatures with just the bare minimum they were able to take with them. GEM has deployed to Armenia to distribute humanitarian aid to these individuals, during this crisis.
GEM MENA loaded a military ship in Izmir, Turkey with vital supplies for those affected by the recent flooding
Verenigde Staten
The GEM team is currently on the ground, having responded immediately during the storm. We are prepositioning trucks of aid and will be distributing critical, large-scale supplies to Hurricane Idalia’s most affected zones in the Florida area.