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How to help humanitarian efforts in Israel and Gaza

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Global HQ, Doral Florida

GEM MENA Regional Branch, Cairo Egypt

Phase 1: Emergency Response

Mission Update: GEM's Ongoing Aid Efforts in Gaza

GEM has built a successful ecosystem to deliver aid to Gaza, despite the complex challenges. By leveraging creativity and experienced staff, our team continues to make an impact each day. Through our partnership with Haya Karima Foundation, we have optimized and streamlined the delivery of vital relief supplies, leveraging the combined strengths and resources of both organizations. A key feature of this partnership includes the ability to import and transport goods through the Sinai Peninsula.

The GEM MENA warehouse in Cairo is a strategic location that serves as a central hub for the temporary storage of humanitarian goods. From there, goods are consolidated and loaded on trucks bound for Gaza.

Our mission in Gaza emphasizes transparency and equity in aid distribution through our own teams and a network of trusted partners on the ground.

Key Accomplishments:

  • 40 Trucks Delivered: Through coordinated efforts with our partners, GEM has successfully sent 40 trucks loaded with vital supplies including water, food, blankets, and mattresses. These shipments serve as lifelines to civilians facing hunger and shelter insecurity.
  • Field Team Deployment: Recognizing the urgency of the situation, GEM has deployed a dedicated field team on the ground in Gaza. This team is committed to implementing an organized and efficient distribution system, ensuring that aid reaches as many people as possible without causing security concerns.
  • Northern Gaza Initiative: GEM is actively expanding its aid efforts to include Northern Gaza, an area where aid distributions are scarce. This initiative reflects our commitment to providing support to hard-to-reach communities, who lack basic food and water. GEM is leveraging an experienced field team to ensure aid reaches the intended civilians safely.
  • Cairo Warehouse: All supplies are dispatched from our GEM MENA warehouse in Cairo, Egypt. At this location, staff and volunteers consolidate humanitarian goods for dispatch to Gaza.
  • Support for Palestinian Refugees: GEM has provided housing support to families sheltering in Egypt, awaiting their return to Gaza.

GEM MENA is following international guidelines in partnership with Anera, a trusted Palestinian registered nonprofit.

GEM’s primary role is to collect supplies from global partners and provide a streamlined logistics solution with clear distribution plans to schools, shelters, and hospitals in Gaza.

Until a proper safe green corridor for aid is established under international law, our ground partners, Anera are distributing hygiene kits locally on our behalf.

GEM is part of the Humanitarian Aid Coalition along with 6 reputable International NGOs. We are coordinating with the Egyptian Government’s Aid Office, Egyptian Embassies, IRC, Egyptian Red Crescent, IOM, World Food Program, and Anera to make this all possible. The GEM MENA executive team is attending UN cluster meetings along with coalition meetings constantly. This is a rapidly changing environment and we are committed to delivering vital aid directly into the hands of Palestinian civilians only.

These supplies, along with earmarked only aid from a worldwide coalition of partners will be delivered to our trusted ground partners, @aneraorg inside Gaza at the Rafa Gate. Anera has been operating inside Gaza for over 40 years.

Sponsor a Truck:

You can make an immediate impact on our operations in Gaza by sponsoring the cost of a truck from Cairo to Gaza.

 Truck Sponsorship Impact
 Rice $25,000 120,000 Portions
Beans $35,000 100,000 Portions
Flour $25,000 240,000 Portions
Blankets $10,000 1,920 Portions
Mattresses $7,500 520 Individuals
Water $5,000 576 Families

Continued Support:

Our GEM MENA team continues to work tirelessly to keep relief supplies moving and ensure a flow of aid into Gaza. Through ongoing collaboration with our partners and supporters, GEM remains steadfast in its mission to alleviate suffering and bring hope to the resilient families in Gaza, who are facing dire and worsening circumstances.

We condemn all acts of terrorism


How is GEM supporting Palestinian Civilians affected by the war?

GEM has local and international teams in Gaza and Egypt. GEM is focused on transporting and distributing aid fast, efficiently and safely to civilians.

No aid will be provided to anyone affiliated with Hamas. GEM’s unique model focuses on last-mile distribution of aid by delivering directly to the hands of civilians. This is a key element, as it enables us to know and guarantee that 100% of aid ends up in the right hands.

Our partner in Gaza, Anera, has 50 plus years of experience operating in this region with mechanisms that ensure aid reaches civilians. In addition to this, GEM has deployed a specialized international team with conflict zone experience.

GEM utilizes separate funds for all missions. This fund will hold all donations provided to the task. GEM’s 990’s and financial statements are publicly available on our website. The GEM Board of Directors established a Finance Committee to review recent financial statements and to confirm the transparency and accuracy of data being reported.

Please contact [email protected] for a list of current goods being accepted for this mission. Please reach out before drop-off to confirm our operating hours, address, and goods being donated. Thank you for your generosity!


GEM leverages a wide network of donors and charitable organizations to supply humanitarian aid. Each partner contributes a critical part of the supply chain, whether it be in-kind goods, transportation, warehousing or distribution reach. The following partners have played a role in our success to date:

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