Luis Velásquez

Guatemalan, Entrepreneur, Businessman, Banker since the age of 17, PhD in Political and Social Sciences with a major on Economic Development and Honorary Volunteer Firefighter.

He held technical, managerial and executive positions in the business sector, in 1988 he founded his first company in the USA and in 1993 in Guatemala he founded CONSULTORIA INTERNACIONAL, under the slogan “Integral Focus for Global Competitiveness”; to provide Consulting, Training and support Investment Projects, in Companies, Business Associations and Institutions at a National and International level and has formed another 4 companies in different sectors.

In 2008, he launched his own television program INVERSION Y DESARROLLO with Luis Velásquez, in order to have a closer relationship with the population of the American Continent, he has more than 642 programs on the air that are transmitted in 45 countries, in and

For the love of his country, he assumed the challenge of public management for 6 years, occupying positions in the Government Cabinet: Advisor to the President in Economic and Social Development, Negotiation and Conflict Resolution, Secretary for Specific Affairs of the Presidency, Secretary of State of Executive Coordination of the Presidency, Minister of Economy and President of the State Bank CHN.

He has made government and business visits to 45 countries on 4 continents, knows all the Municipalities and the rural area of ​​his Country. Participates in Business Boards of Directors. He was President of the Board of Directors of the Organization for the Culture of Total Quality and President of the Board of Directors of Junior Achievement Guatemala.

He gives conferences at a national and international level. Supports and promotes -CSR- Corporate Social Responsibility projects, Entrepreneurial spirit, Entrepreneurship, Global Competitiveness, Tourism, Education, ICTs, Energy, Innovation, Creativity, International Trade, Quality Management, Intellectual Property, Access to Medicines and Agricultural Supplies, Economic Development, Social, Community and Indigenous, Migrants, Negotiation and Conflict Resolution among others.

In 2014, he was part of the organizing committee of the 5th World Indigenous Business Forum, held in Guatemala. He is a co-founder of the Global Network of Indigenous Entrepreneurs, which was formed in 2014 and continues as an active member.

In 2016, it formalized its INVERSION Y DESARROLLO Association, promoting Productive Projects in Rural Communities, Entrepreneurship and Businesses at a national and international level, to improve Food and Nutritional Security, reduce Migration and Improve the Quality of Life in people and their Communities.

As a member of the Advisory Council and Director for Latin America of Global Empowerment Mission -GEM-, he has coordinated and managed with Michael Capponi, Bethenny Frankel and the entire team, aid and support in Guatemala and Bolivia.

in June 2018, more than 500 people and hundreds of thousands of victims died in the communities and municipalities due to the Fire Volcano Eruption Disasters in Guatemala. On their first visit to the area, they delivered humanitarian aid bags with food, supplies, water and medical supplies to the victims. On a second visit, they handed out gift cards for the victims to exchange for food and groceries in supermarkets. And in a third visit, they handed out equipment to purify water, food, medicine and gift cards to exchange in supermarkets, for the victims.

In August 2019, due to Forest Fires in the Amazon and Chiquitania in Bolivia, together with Michael Capponi they integrated a team of 25 volunteers and donors, on their first visit, they delivered equipment and clothing to fight Forest fires, to Volunteer Firefighters and Mayors of the affected region. Financial transfers were made for local purchases and other similar deliveries in subsequent weeks.

In October 2019, with the efforts of Duanne Andrade, Donations from Saint Lucie County Florida Firefighters, Rotary Club of Fort Pierce Florida and logistics and transportation support from GEM, a full container of equipment and supplies to fight Forest Fires was sent by sea, which they were delivered to the Center for Participation and Sustainable Human Development, Volunteer Firefighters and Mayors of the affected region in the following months.

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