Bronx Fire

Donate To Bstrong Twin Parks Bronx Residents Fund Support the Residents Donate To Global Empowerment Mission Support Our Mission Summary Stats $ 0 Bstrong Visa Cards Already Distributed $ 0 GEM Bstrong Visa cards Committed 0 Family Necessities Kits Delivered $ 0 In supplies delivered 0 + Household Recipients 0 Units Phase 1: Disaster Relief […]

Kentucky Tornadoes

Summary Stats $ 0 + In Vital Supplies $ 0 Bstrong Cash Cards for Survivors $ 0 Vital supplies already distributed 0 Full Size Semi Truck Delivered 0 Committed Trucks to Region 0 Full Size Semis of Hasbro toys 0 Christmas Eve Survivor Event $ 0 Bstrong Cash cards already distributed Phase 1: Disaster Relief […]

Astroworld Tragedy

Phase 1: Disaster Relief The Astroworld concert performance, part of a two-day music festival in Houston, became a mass casualty when a crowd began to compress toward the stage, leaving eight dead and dozens hospitalized. Bstrong in partnership with Global Empowerment Mission has launched an initiative to support injured survivors with Bstrong cash cards.  

US Homeless Holiday Initiative

Phase 1: Disaster Relief NYC – Giving Tuesday Miami- THanksgiving Bstrong in partnership with Global Empowerment Mission, Goya Cares and Good360 has launched a ‘Homeless Holiday Initiative’. G.E.M. Bstrong will be sending a series of full size U.C. Group semi-trucks filled with thousands of Family Necessities Kits, adapted for the homeless population. First distribution commences […]

Hurricane Ida

Summary Stats $ 0 Supplies Already Distributed 0 Full Size UC Semis Delivered 0 Full Size Semi in Transit 0 Parishes to be supported List of Parishes below $ 0 In Committed Supplies for Sept 0 Semi Trucks Committed Phase 1: Disaster Relief GEM Bstrong in partnership with Aerial Recovery Group special operatives […]

Dixie and Caldor Fires

Summary Stats 0 UCS Trucks Delivered 0 Box Trucks Delivered $ 0 Bstrong Visa Cards Distributed 0 Trucks in Transit Phase 1: Disaster Relief GEM and bstrong has activated its phase 1 disaster response by sending a series of UCS Group full size semi trucks, distributing over $250,000 in vital supplies ranging from GEM […]

Surfside Tower Collapse

Donate to the Champlain Tower Residents Fund Support the Residents Donate to the Surfside Tower Collapse Program Support Our Mission Donate to the Champlain Survivor Relocation Fund Help the Residents Relocate Summary Stats $ 0 GEM Bstrong Visa cards already distributed. $ 0 Paid in Relocation Deposits 0 Family Necessities Kits Delivered $ 0 Champlain […]

Alabama Tornadoes

Summary Stats 0 Communities Served 0 UC Group Truck Delivered $ 0 Family Kits Value Phase 1: Disaster Relief Global Empowerment Mission Bstrong responded in its First Phase disaster efforts by supplying 900 Family Necessities Kits and tarps valued at $104,000 to the Waller Community Center in Sawyerville Alabama. The distribution served Hale County communities […]

Texas Winter Blackout

Summary Stats $ 0 Family Kits Value 0 Communities Served 0 LBS of Supplies Distributed 0 UC Group Trucks Delivered Phase 1: Disaster Relief Global Empowerment Mission BStrong is responding in the Texas Blackout first phase, disaster relief, by supplying..  Family Necessities Kit contain: 10 LBS bag of rice Assortment of 1-3 bags of beans […]

Alaska Fires

Summary Stats 0 Full Size Semi Trucks 0 Pallets of water 0 Pallets of Cleaning Sup. 0 Truckloads of P.E.E. 0 Pallets of Food Phase 1: Disaster Relief Global Empowerment Mission responded in its first phase disaster relief by partnering with Global Citizen USA. Essential supplies such as water, food, PPE, and cleaning products were […]