Family Necessities Kits

Our Family Necessities Kits each contain supplies ranging from food, snacks, hydration, hygiene, health supplements and COVID 19 prevention kits.

GEM Bstrong ensures the delivery of these kits to people in need across our hemisphere in real-time. Distributions are executed in partnerships with our vetted ground partners and always supervised by GEM’s special mission team members. Our transport partner, UC Group, with over 500 full-size semi-trucks ensures US deliveries within 24 to 72 hours of loading. Our kits are prepositioned in UC-GEM hubs throughout our nation. This enables us to be proactive and not reactive to disasters. Each kit has a value of $100 to $180 depending on their variations and each disaster’s specific needs. A donation of just $10 gets a kit to a family in need.

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Photography by Kyle McLaughlin, Daniel Rodriguez on March 8th, 2021 in Lifestyle

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