Your donation has allowed GEM & Bstrong to accomplish the following:

[UPDATE 3/17/22]

  • Shipment of Harrogate Spring Water, Yorkshire TEA, sent from the UK,left Rzeszow warehouse and will arrive in Ukraine 3/18
  • Warsaw HQ/Warehouse is being painted
  • Ambulances picked up supplies from our warehouse and drove them to
    Jolanta Foundation volunteers received training from GEM today

[UPDATE 3/16/22]

  • 5 Containers left Miami,set to arrive in Bremerhaven, Germany on April 3rd.
  • Containers 6 through 17 have all left GEM and are due to arrive on April 9th.
  • Bus filled with aid from our Rzeszow Warehouse went into Ukraine to deliver aid
    977 total relocations to date


[UPDATE 3/15/22]

  • Partnership with Dobro Czynić to fund a daycare center for 1000+ refugee kids in refugee shelters.
  • 17 containers shipped by Miami since the start of the crisis to arrive by April 9th.

[UPDATE 3/14/22]

  • 5 shipping containers per day leaving Miami
  • 2 Trucks per day arriving at the Rzeszow warehouse from EU source
  • Partnership with Fulfillment House USA
  • Warehouses in Miami, Rzeszow & Przemysl Poland, and Tatabánya Hungary
  • Mobile Operating Room setup in Rowne
  • Evacuation of 69 people (55 women 14 kids) from Kyiv and Mariupol

[UPDATE 3/13/22]

  • Ukrainian “Relocation Project” partnership through the former First Lady of Poland, Jolanta Kwaśniewska’s foundation, @Fundacjaporozumieniebezbarier. This partnership enables GEM to relocate tens of thousands of refugees from Ukraine to safe places of residence by blanketing Poland with caseworkers in various areas ranging from train stations, stadiums, shelters, churches, and camps.

[UPDATE 3/12/22]

  • 10,000 fully charged battery packs arrived at our GEM Poland HQ thanks to our partnership with Smart Aid procured, charged, and delivered these items. When you have tens of thousands of people hiding in basements trying to escape, but cannot call the outside world due to blackouts, a battery pack becomes a key life-saving device.

[UPDATE 3/11/22]

  • A new 26,000 sq ft warehouse in Tatabánya, Hungary approximately 35 min from Budapest starting next week. This warehouse will be operated by our Hungarian/US partner, @fullfillmenthubusa which specializes in transport and logistics worldwide.

[UPDATE 3/10/22]

  • Through the partnership with Airbnb, provide support and temporary housing for 200 African students who escaped Sumy, Ukraine while it was under attack. They are all African natives who moved to Ukraine to study at various universities.

[UPDATE 3/9/22]

  • 4 full-size semi-trucks with food from Goya Europe have arrived at our GEM-Bstrong Poland HQ warehouse.
  • 3 full-size trucks of medical supplies, 6 trucks of Polish company goods, and 10 trucks from France from our partners USA Global Citizen will be here by this weekend.
  • GEM US has committed to shipping 2 containers per day from our Doral HQ (min 50 containers per month) through Good 360 USA.
  • We also have airlifted emergency supplies that have already arrived and been distributed through our partnership with Smart Aid

[UPDATE 3/7/2022]

  • GEM-Bstrong HQ warehouse established within Poland to serve as a centralized supply point. Partners such as Aerial Recovery Group and local Ukrainian and Polish NGOs can fill their trucks daily and take aid where it is most needed.

[UPDATE 3/6/2022]

  • Partnership with GoDocs to provide medical assistance at the border and beyond.

[UPDATE 3/5/22]

  • Operate two satellite warehouses (Poland & Hungary) operational by next week. 18,000 SQ FT in Rzeszow and 17,000 SQ FT in Tatabánya
  • Increase our initial aid and supply commitment to $25,000,000.
  • Offer other large corporations and nonprofit organizations to partner with GEM to help streamline their aid distribution through our logistics channel. To find out more, please click.

[UPDATE 3/4/22]

  • Partnership with Aerial Recovery Group, first response ex-military volunteers, who establish GEM/Bstrong aid base camp inside of Lviv, Ukraine where we will supply the Ukrainians with needed food, water, and supplies.

[UPDATE 3/3/22]

  • 5 containers of aid mobilized by the GEM warehouse in Miami since the start of the crisis due to arrive on April 3rd.

[UPDATE 3/2/22]

  • Christina, the Ukrainian refugee that we met on 2/26 has safely arrived in Spain and reunited with her family.  

[UPDATE 3/1/22]

  • Partnership with WhyNotTravel.PL announced with Bstrong donating $2 million to actively relocate Ukrainian refugees. WhyNotTravel.PL will start to process complicated travel bookings for GEM.

[UPDATE 2/28/22]

  • Partnership with local churches to gain access to volunteers to operate the refugee booth day and night.

[UPDATE 2/27/22]

  • Fact-finding mission along the border towns to assess the need and mobilize the team.

[UPDATE 2/26/22]

  • GEM sets up the closest tent to the Medyka Poland-Ukraine border crossing to offer hot tea, food, and necessary products to fleeing refugees. GEM meets Christina with a child from Ukraine and starts the first relocation out of Poland.

[UPDATE 2/25/22]

  • Michael Capponi, the CEO of GEM, arrives in Poland. The warehouse in Miami is already mobilized for shipment of essential aid

[UPDATE 2/24/22]

  • Russian troops invade Ukraine.
  • GEM sends the FIRST container shipment filled with aid to Poland.